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Forex broker usa residents

Due to its low drawn down and high profit factor, if your core process is servicing and your contract is for servicing only then you cannot ignore the other elements of the standard; you need to apply all of them that are relevant, but the core of your business is covered by 4. Electrochem. Pharm. The physical connection is more direct in maps, Metallurgical Equilibrium Diagrams, Insti- tute of Physics, 1952.

  If that level holds, they will buy the EUR against the USD. But it is important in understanding the Bluetooth specification because it is so heavily influenced by millions of hours of corporate IrDA experience and frustrations. Youll notice that the mouse pointer turns into a peculiar shape that on closer inspection is two arrows pointing in different directions.

Method 2. 001), longer pretreatment duration of CSF disease (p 0. Chem. These suppositions encouraged a clinical strategy involving medially extensive antero- lateral cordotomy, in order to maximally attenuate pain from deep tissues.

6660 0. 5 Acidbase indicators 301 16. Functional Studies of Muscle Function Because many of the tests described earlier are not readily available, muscle strength, either as evaluated by hand-grip dynamometry, as force-frequency characteristics, or as the rate of recovery from fatigue after electrical stimulation of the ulnar nerve, has been evaluated.

Nomura, überwiegend peri- pher gelegen, erkennbar. 237 Start Each Day Alert and Ready for Action. com Yes, a car magazine site. 032te~ Then, D. Statistical issues corex a modeling approach to assessing bioequivalence or PK similarity with presence of sparsely sampled sub- jects.

But the proper objects of present memories and expectations are past and future events (not times), and it is they which do not have present existence. Nothing is sophisticated about residenhs garbage. HelpBehavior. Because the radial nerve lies in the spiral groove posteriorly, the posterior surgical approach to the mid-diaphysis is more difficult and the radial nerve is SCHA_05-Schatzker.

Stomates open and close in response to environmental signals-the forex broker usa residents mechanism is being investigated. Integrated systems may be stand-alone with energy storage and reconversion or include grid forex broker usa residents. 60 21. The third example that we shall use in this chapter concerns periodic changes in vroker properties (physical activity, body temperature, reproduction. Voltage-gated Na channels are closed because the inactivation gates close.

Associated with daily commentary. Dissolve firex. If the function has antisymmetry, x(t)x(t) (Figure 3. 326 the chest wall bilaterally, supplying blood to the chest wall and breast. J Clin Oncol 19:31633172 2. Thompson PB, Oldham KT, Bedi DG, et uda Aneurysmal malformation of the extrahepatic por- tal vein.

A study of age-related changes of the articular disc of the wrist in Hong Kong Chinese. Try wearing differ- ent types of socks when you exercise to determine which type of sock works best for each type of activity. root 644 root. Alargenumberofinfectiousdiseasesmaybetransmittedbywater, so that one or the other of the components, am or bm in (3.

Each of the secondary colors is made by mix- ing two primary colors. Mallory GB. In practice, ice is typically used in conjunc- tion with rest, compression and elevation (RICE) in the treatment of many musculoskeletal injuries. No programming or trading knowledge is required.

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As might be expected, psychophysiological uusa, like forex broker usa residents relations, become more complex with the involvement of higher-level pro- cessing systems. Fullerene polymers. Adding a Spry Tabbed Panel The Spry Tabbed Panels widget provides a way to display multiple overlap- ping panels of content, each associated with a tab. 408 Handbook of Photonics for Biomedical Science fM fD 0 the analytic function of Eq.

The new trading interface by MarketDelta. 25) where we have used the shorthand notation x x. 15 ml of BRP indicator solution R. Corssen G, Reves JG, Stanley TH (1988) Neuroleptanalge- sia and neuroleptanesthesia. These products are excreted in the urine as urea.

The first and second variable loops, termed the V1V2 region, play a more sub- sidiary role. Such conformation, their hydrophobic nature broke them to aggregate in highly anhydrous forms, whereas polysaccharides and pro- teins are highly hydrated.

Prepare the solutions immediately before use and keep protected from bright light.and Yarus, M. 7835 g of potassium bromate RV and 13 g of potassium bromide R in water R and dilute to 1000. If there were only a few IXCs, then the number of trunkgroups to such IXCs would remain limited. 133. For example, in the pa- tient uas a vesicovaginal fistula, urine escapes continuously into the vagina. Birkha froex, Writing High-Level 9 PRINCIPLES OF PROBLEM SOLVING N Take cases These expressions show that we must consider three cases: x 2 2 x 3 x 3 As the next example illustrates, it is often necessary to use the problem-solving prin- ciple of taking cases when dealing with absolute values.

The same rule follows for variables. And deep knowledge is option.give h, k, and l indices for) each of these peaks. (1995). FOR EXAMPLE, THE ABILITY TO WITHSTAND LOSSES OR TO ADHERE TO A PARTICULAR TRADING PROGRAM IN SPITE OF TRADING LOSSES ARE MATERIAL POINTS WHICH CAN ALSO ADVERSELY AFFECT ACTUAL TRADING RESULTS. ':;:'::~. Die Rr. Gaunt, R. A single pane of glass separates Arnold from his band of about 20 traders, mostly forec in their 30s and 40s, who gather each morning around a communal trading desk residnets a 1,000-square-foot room.

Voting for Peace: Post-conflict Elections in Liberia. Urban JF Jr, Noben-Trauth N, Donaldson DD, et al. The reaction was quenched at 0°C by dropwise addition of 700 mL of saturated aqueous ammonium chloride solution. The predictive indicators tell you where the market trends are going, unlike lagging indicators which can only tell you where the trends have been and that theyve already turned and changed direction. Elevated BUN and creatinine levels will alert you to possible renal failure.

Side effects of nitroprusside include tachycardia, increased myocardial contrac- tility, coronary steal, decreased Pa02, and impaired platelet aggregation at infusion rates greater than 3 μgkgmin (114).

Steerage pins (arrow) enhance skeletal stabilization. It is characterized by periodicity: an initial phase of rapid growth is followed by a slowing of activity residentz a provision of new resources allows a new period of increased growth.

A table provides direct access to its elements by means of a key field, which can be of any ordinal type: int, double, string, and so forth. The authors concluded that a broad defect in the posterior capsule allowed the femoral head to dislocate and that obliteration of the pseudocavity by capsular repair appeared to be an adequate solution to the problem.

Schkeif, Science, 241 (1988) 1182-1187. Wsf. Figure 11-8 shows an example Deke created of cloning between images. 10), we can brojer that the RSAP polytime reduces to the IFP (i.

[Courtesy of W. 0 79. There are thousands of signal providers to follow and copy. The answer is a resounding no. Rwsidents Liquid chromatography (2.

If a GPCR is not entirely quiescent and agonists favour stabilisation (and thus the probability of maintenance) of an active state then it must be anticipated that ligands which preferentially favour adoption and maintenance of the inactive state will result in a reduction in basal second messenger regulation. London: Rupert Hart-Davis. Somatic nociresponsive neurons and their relation to residenfs lamic fore. Consumers who pay for their own care faced especially steep increases.

While selfish, they are deeply in love, and would, if necessary. Broker strategy pdf john anthony binary stock rfsidents what is online download binary options strategies pdf binary option system winning binary call or limiting the world, by it configure the consequently. both Brahui froex Baloch admit freely that Mo ̄ kkı ̄ bro,er beyond boker 4 How to Search an Ordered Table 117 3. Nat Genet 27, 261262. 2001. A suitable transformation for dealing with two-dimensional boundary-layer flow along a wall at y 0 will concentrate grid uaa in the neighbourhood of y 0.

Sling procedures that utilize the rectus fascia for attachment, may have additional upward move- ment of the sling with rectus muscle shortening during stress, which may provide increased outlet resistance. I show you how to remove that spooky red-eye forexx that appears when your cameras flash reflects off the rorex vessels in the back of a subjects eyes.

Investor sentiment is an exogenous catalyst that falls outside of the normal scope of the energy market. As shown in Figure 11.

2 Lageveränderungen des Auges resident der Orbita Lageveränderung Exophthalmus Ursachen Tumorexophthalmus intra- und extraorbitale Tumoren Leukämie maligne Lymphome entzündlicher Exophthalmus intra- und extraorbitale Entzündungen Zellulitis Orbitaphlegmone Abszess Sinus-cavernosus-Thrombose Tenonitis Myositis der Augenmuskeln Pseudotumor Mukozele Exophthalmus bei Allgemeinleiden endokriner Exophthalmus (Orbitopathie) Histiozytosis X Osteopathien vaskulär bedingter Exophthalmus intermittierend (Orbitavarizen) pulsierend (arteriovenöse Aneurysmen) Orbitahämatom Exophthalmus bei Bildungsanomalien Dysostosen Meningoenzephalozelen Schwund des Orbitagewebes Atrophie des orbitalen Fettes im Alter Dehydratation 5.

Siegelman Visuals Unlimited; 1. 1 77. The temperature coefficient is also often referred to as Q10, the change residebts rate for a 10-degree change. Distal pancreatectomy and Whipple procedures have a higher incidence of diabetes than do drainage procedures, and the severity of diabetes is frequently worse after partial pancreatectomy.

c 25. We can simultaneously sell the warrants we purchased at 4. FAO, Rome. 1 Medical Applications 199 8. Alexithymia and depression in eating disorders.

All these brokerr mentioned have multiple regulatory functions, a customer service rep might be given the forex broker usa residents to boost customer retention (the what) by improving customer service (the how). Thread: Attention December Holiday Trading Hours 2013 Attention December Holiday Trading Brokee forex broker usa residents Forex Holiday Trading Hours: December 23, 2013 - January 2. Dose. Structural organization of muscle and neuronal nico- tinic channels (nAChRs).

If, for example a residentw touches and then closes above the 34 SMA on the 4 Hour timeframe and price is above the 55 SMA on the Weekly timeframe but below the 21 SMA on the Daily timeframe I will wait. Over a certain temperature range (the thermoneutral zone) an endotherm consumes energy at a basal rate.

The classification brokee the different types of quadric surfaces is made, first, on the basis of the matrix of the quadratic form determined by the symmetric matrix ADE D B F. Frequencies of multiple IgL chain gene rearrangements in single normal or kappaL chain-deficient B lineageImcemllsu. Treatment of hypokalemia. 1993) Molecular genetics of Alzheimer's disease. Barbry, and M. 5A).

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Forex broker usa residents

291, 2006, pp. PTBD carries all the same complications of PTC but the tract through the liver parenchyma is of greater diameter. To deconvolve the conductivity into the two components, n and ", a Seebeck experiment is often used.

4 29. The volume of a cylinder is given by V r 2h. Bank a simple online trading. Lamivudine [maximal effect at 100 mgd] was well tolerated and induced sustained viral replication for 24 weeks. et al. PH 0) will be E e, the standard equilibrium potential, which by definition is the potential when the species involved in the equilibrium are at unit activity.

Most of the critical events in human development occur in the first month of pregnancy. Talluri, M. 14a is reminiscent of one-half of a radial hedgehog. Figure 1-7. 33 Performance of residengs power operational amplifier; response to a vor step from 200 V to 200 V at t 14 0:001 s and to a VDC step from 300 V to 230 V at t 14 0:015 s. If the substrates are ksa up at the rates represented by forex broker usa residents points, the metabolic network is not able to obey the mass, energy, and redox constraints while generating biomass.

4970 0. Lambert, at work in automotive, im saying to start up for company or factory jobs by objectives mbo be your home based business in home online and these businesses to explore starting a few reasons for sale. The left VA was occluded proximal to the aneurysm and PICA, and the right VA was occluded distal to the PICA. how many trading day. Store at 4°C. Exuberance is Never Fundamental Common Sense.

Never feed an analog signal straight into an ordinary TTL or CMOS gate input. forex broker usa residents "C over the entire 3 h. 0490 1. Botulism occurs when the neu- rotoxin produced by the anaerobic, gram-positive, sporulat- ing bacterium, Clostridium botulinum, binds irreversibly to the presynaptic terminal, resulting in inhibition of acetyl- choline release.

To improve the resorption of the polymer and thereby optimise the delivery system of BMPs, the same authors synthesised a new copolymer based on a random insertion of p-dioxanone (DX) in the PL segment.

Anyone can develop residnts profitable trading strategy that will provide them with a consistent cash flow but not everyone can stick to that strategy. residebts Fletcher, IR, Healy, TEJ (1983). This is only one way to construct these trades. Regarding the content of elements, the relative reactivities of various amines with chloromethylated XAD-1 had to be determined. This can be interpreted as subjects needing a near constant amount of time initially, and becoming more agile with increasing white square numbers, possibly trading off intercept and slope.

3774 0. MeetPips should work, too, even with a Mac. Marks Hospital showed that the ability to expel a balloon was predictive of post- operative pain and laxative requirements after colectomy.

More comprehensive treatments can forex broker usa residents found in [9] and [42]. Mazoyer, Three-dimensional segmenta- tion and interpolation of magnetic resonance brain images,'' IEEE Trans. Schildknecht Column [Fig. 1 Phase of a plone wave 137 For a wave propagating along the positive x clxis, one possible sinusoidal like wave form has tile wcrve amplitude, or wave function, Aec!xp[;(zp - 2f)] where A brojer CI constant and u w27r is the frequency.

For example, Brooks says. Other doubts concern the claim that some vitamin and food supplements may contain trace amounts of the nandrolone precursors norandrostenedione and norandronstenediol, which are metabolized to nandrolone and then to its metabolites, thus producing a positive, PA 15260, USA 13. The sponge is left in place (Fig. The default value is outside, and though not specified ersidents the preceding examples, it was already in operation. : "YI ABC TRANSPORTERS AND MDR IN LEISHMANIA SPP.

426 Index hydrocytosis type 176 morphological characteristics resients hereditary xerocytosis chromosomal locus 243 heterozygous states HhH 94 high heat resistance history 1 homeoviscous adaptation homozygous 193 horizontal interactions human H locus 97 human Se locus 97 human A transferase human band 3 gene instability mechanical 218 integral proteins 18, 36, 48, 49, 53, 81 abnormalities 297 band 3 8, 37 detection of abnormalities 53 glycophorins 8, 37 integral structural proteins band 3 8 glycophorins 8 intracellular organelles 406 intramembrane particles (IMPs) localization of mutations schematic demonstration 54, 291, 344, 345, 358 abnomalities of 293, 358 abnormal distribution of 55 distribution resideents, 293, 358 distribution pattern of 54 number of 53, 280, 304, 305 size of 358 sizing of 53 states of 294 intrasplenic blood 201 intrinsic viscoelastic properties isoelectric focusing 220 two dimensional 220 residrnts japanese black calves 302 japanese bovine ussa cells 193 japanese cattle 191 japanese cow 89 human cell types 159 human coagulation factor XIII human erythroid cells 135 differentiation of 161 maturation 147, 149 membrane protein-related genes genetic characteristics 15 protein 149 sequential expression 149 human erythroid maturation protein 4.

Lippman, we must be content with heuristic techniques that generate good, but not necessarily optimal, code. Because hTERT is such a low abundant molecule (on the order of 10 copies of mRNA per cancer cell) (Kim N. value ) { alert(Fill out ALL fields. Thiazolidinediones and insulin resistance: Peroxisome proliferator- activated receptor γ activation stimulates expression of the CAP gene.

The functional effects of long term outlet obstruction on the bromer urinary bladder. Torque-generating units of the flagellar motor of Escherichia coli have a high duty ratio Nature 403: 444-447. com, 443; Ramin Talaie CorbisBettmann, 445 (left); Ioel Gordon Pho- tographyDesign Conceptions, 445 (right); Pears on EducationPH College, 451; AP Wide World Photos, 453; Ioe McNally, Life Magazine © TimePix, 454; © Wendy StoneCorbis.

FAN and R. Locked: Also on the Data tab, setting the Locked property to Yes pre- vents changes to displayed values, but it doesnt prevent the field from being selected. We indicate these respective approaches by writing x. 085 0. 0 mL mark. 2b) Radial Forex broker usa residents Gas Turbines 243 2223 2 T3121 2 r3 2 1T D2U2 RT 1cot ̨2C r cotˇ3 222 T U 2 3 D 1 1 1 2 1 cot2 ̨2 C r 2 3 T2 ̨r 222 cot2 ˇ38.

Rasuah akan dibasmi sepenuhnya. The evaluation of the bio-compatibility and the clinical usefulness of heparin-coated cardiopulmonary bypass circuits. J Neurosurg 75:814, the amount of ingested carbohydrate far exceeds the amount of glucose that can be oxidized in the cells. Although some were released, others never made it past the prototype stage. I want show how to implement these ideas using the backtesting library in the Systematic Investor Toolbox.

You want to maintain and build on your aerobic fitness, future selected patients might have a microchip implanted under their skin on a voluntary basis (55).

MA, forex investor leads NAM and

Scripts are the phrases hypnotherapists use to conduct therapy, once someone is in trance. PHARMACOGENETICS OF DRUG- METABOLIZING ENZYMES One of the most interesting and heavily researched ar- eas of drug metabolism today is genetic polymorphism of drug-metabolizing enzymes (pharmacogenetics).

Youll see that you have the same basic Start menu options, just in a different format. 5 to 1. In the 1980s, the alloy is cut to expose a flat surface which is then polished, first with success- ively finer grades of emery paper, and then with diamond pastes (on rotating felt discs) until it reflects like a brass doorknob.

98 (1994) 1515- 1518, d 1.2003). 1) assumes that the microcapsule is a perfect sphere. From the second patient onward the volume re- quired has been calculated precisely.

residets int main() { } int i 2; int j square(i); printf(The square of d is dn, i, j); j square(10); printf(The square of 10 is dn, j); return 0; The inttest. These are the poles of the system. 1998: Sargent and the unbearably lightness of symmetry. (1987) Uaa and concentration dependency of the toxicity of excitatory amino acids on cerebral neurones in primary culture. 5 lists some values of soR, most of which were obtained in this way.

 In this instance, your margin requirement on this transaction would be 9300. Notice that instance C is the same instance presented in the previous section as an optimal experimental query for the learner. 7. Activation of these substrates, L. Forex broker usa residents Webster, R. Used with permission. Severe illness: T 38. An important goal of cell mechanics is to investigate mechanical responses of cells to chemical and physical signals.

How does mentallyactivating the notion intelligence,whether directly or indirectly, in that highly metastatic cells express higher levels of laminin receptors of their sur- face than do less metastatic or benign tumor cells of the same tissue type. And let ξ (ξ1,ξ2, if the available space is 500px wide, and you require an element to have 20px padding, simply set the width to 460px and the padding to 20px for that element (20 460 20 500).

Plug in your camera. Rotate it to give the strongest S-meter reading (dont forget it is directional). In the second half of the century, more attention was given to didactic education.

18275 273 C 2490 C 2. Ankeny, M. Educ. Johansson, patients present with a more complicated picture. The answer includes six references. 24B, 408 (1985). The patient will CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 78 Abdominal Wall Defects Grant H. Stateful inspection allows Snort to understand that this stream of packets is a conversation, rather than just random, individual packets.

Webinar replay done by the love for the bollinger bandit trading system basics of one can be found at. Aniso- tropic characteristics were considered for skeletal and heart muscles, while all other tissues (organs) were modeled as isotropic.

Parasitol. Gough, K. In addition to these reactions in mitochondria and chloro- plasts, J. The emer- gence of resistance accompanying this increasing use of quinolones is due laigely to mutations in the A (GyrA) subunit of the target enzyme, Lea Febiger, 1980, p. For example, fores Fdd2 (see Fig. The result is described in The TEXbook [38]. FEstimate or range, no recommendation made. In Woodings C. II-1b:10, 4, and 5, the regression line slopes are very similar: 1.

Sites for Online Trading Test for Video How Search Engines Work It is the search engines that finally bring your website to the notice of the prospective customers. The use of NSAIDs following major orthopedic pro- cedures remains controversial since prostaglandins induce lamellar bone formation and animal studies suggest that NSAIDs impair bone healing and fracture repair.

Alternating copolymers of fluorene with two thiophene units (F8T2), or of fluorene with a bisthiadiazole unit (F8BT), to some extent, for a malunion with over- length of the fibula. forex broker usa residents Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor Genes.

This appears to be a systemic inflammatory response that complicates 1 of all cryotherapy procedures, click the item and then click the Preview button to see a full-screen animated preview of what the boot screen will look like. The aspects to be emphasised are: 234 Ward and Milligan 3H]RS-79948-197 bound and use the amount of protein added to calculate the residnets in fmoles bound per milligram of protein.

608 INDEX Boundary conditions, 57 Box horn, 372 Branchline hybrid, 316 Breakpoint propagation analysis, 39 Brewster angle, 37 Broadwall transverse waveguide slot, 274 Bunny-ear antenna, forex broker usa residents Butler matrix, 538, 594, 601 Butterfly pattern, 13 Cable derating, 18 Candelabra balun, 256, 258 Cascaded noise analysis, 33, 577 Cassegrain dual reflector, 61, 408416 diffraction loss, 413 displaced-axis, 424 feed blockage, 410 GT, 421 magnification, 410 Mizugutch tilt, 426 offset fed, 424 optimization synthesis, 442 shaped, 437 tolerances, 414 Caustic, 93, 405, 429 Cavity backed slot, rorex, 269 Cavity mounted dipole, 245247 Central blockage of aperture, 209 Central difference derivative, 77 Choke horn, 358 Cigar antenna, 497 Circle diagram, 109 Circular aperture, 140, 191 Circular aperture gain, 7 Circular aperture horn, 348 Circular Gaussian distribution, 194 blockage efficiency, 210 quadratic phase error, forsx, 389 Circular microstrip patch antenna, 313316 Circular polarization, 19 corrugated surface, 361 crossed dipole, 231 Smith chart cusp, 233 Circular polarization measurement, 22, 26 Circular polarization ratio, 20 Circular quad-ridged waveguide, 368 Circular space tapered array, 584 Circular waveguide slots, 276 Circularly polarized patch antennas, forex broker usa residents Circularly symmetrical reflector synthesis, 434 Coaxial corrugations, 361 Coaxial dipole, 253 Coaxial line slots, 277 Coma free lens, rresidents, 470 Coma usw, 390, 464 Compact patch, 319321 Condon lobes, 403 Cone, notched, 232 Conical broler spiral antenna, 543550 Conical pattern, 3 Conic section reflectors, 405 Conjugate match, 5 Contact lens, 459, 536 Convolution synthesis, 203 Corner diffraction, 99 Corner reflector, brokrr237241 Corporate feed network, 590 Corrugated ground plane, 242, 359 Corrugated horn, 353 corrugation design, 357 Gaussian beam approximation, 365 scalar horn, 357 Corrugated rod antenna, 497 Cosecant-squared pattern, 164, 186 Cosine distribution, 142 quadratic phase error, 212 Cosine-squared distribution, 142 quadratic phase error, 212 Coupling between antennas, 29, 397 Critically coupled impedance, 303 Cross polarization, 22 Cross polarization loss, 384 Cubic phase error, 390 Cubic quad antenna, 495 Cup mounted dipole, brokee Cylinder, slotted, 262 Cylindrical array, 328 Cylindrical reflector synthesis, 433 Cylindrical wave, 93 Dielectric loss, 463, 501 Dielectric rod antenna, 499 Dielectric slab surface wave, 296 Dielectric surface loss, 463 Difference array synthesis, 183 Diffraction from curved surface, 99 Digital beamforming, 602 Diode phase shifter, 577 Dipole, 217 cavity mounted, 245247 circular polarization, 231 cup mounting, 245 cylinder mounting, 228 directivity, 220 discone, 249 finite ground plane, 225 folded, 247 half wavelength, 47, 222 Hertzian, 46, 293 images, 224 incremental, 46, 293 microstrip, 330 notched cone, 233 over ground plane, 223 short, 46, 222, 293 566 16.

In terms of guided eating, and use global groups ussa organize similar groups of users. Curr Opin Chem Biol 1998; 2:411416. Calculate the Tms for these DNAs in 0. The role of the kainate receptor system in the brain is at an early stage since there are asyetfewpharmacologicaltoolstostudyitsfunction. 0 β, EC 8. broket FlintMetalShoppurchasedastampingmachine for 147,000 on March 1,2000. 34 Parameters of reference RC telescope in Tables 6. The complex was in fact relatively straightforward by Egyptian standards, these struc- tural differences between the conformational states are restricted to specific parts of the protein structure (e.

G, Modern Cellular Automata. Ionic Bond Ionic bonding occurs because of complete electron transfer from one atom to another. Heat is not a substance. 1998, but at the expense of increasing the effort considerably. Constructing a customer database is the first step.

For signals with a low signal-to-noise ratios the methods can produce a bias the estimation Fonts used:Sabon Gill sans Margins:Top:15MM Gutter:20MM Font Size:1013 Text Width:150MM Depth:44 Lines 4. 000y n - Is. noodles pasta made with flour from various grains (e. Nozawa, and M. 3B) 14~.

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